The Association

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What will you find inside? useful information about our partners' shops and services which, as you will see, they are many and diverse. We think a website about this kind of business needs to be a good tool to serve and inform our customers. Its contents mainly include: shopping basic info, sale promotions, jobs, courses, fairs, expositions, contests, lotteries, cultural agendas and many more... 

We strongly believe that our efforts to keep this site updated will translate into a better service for both customers and partners.


The Merchants' Association Espais Susanna was created in 2010 by the Santa Susanna's town council for economic promotion together with several local businessmen and merchants. This association has as priority to sum up efforts of all partners adhered to. We seek to develop commercial activities while giving service to the visitors of our mall.

Also, we take care of the interests of the merchants, specially the relationship with the public administration. We constantly keep contact with all members, giving them a helping hand on their business promotion. We also collaborate in the Santa Susanna's social, cultural, artistic and recreative events, as well as in the improvement or new municipal services. The agreements upon our association was founded (the ACCC), are focused on two main activities:

  • Our board represents and defends our associates' interests when needed. In the same way, we perform all regular tasks, keeping an eye on best practices and offering services to our associates/partners.
  • We perform actions to improve competitiveness on local trade (Santa Susanna's and its surroundings), following what is known as "Pla de Dinamització Comercial" (Commerce Dynamisation Planning).

Currently, the associates are represented by more than 30 shops from many sectors, working together in a privileged environment close to the sea, in the north of the Maresme region.

The address is: road N-II, km 673, Santa Susanna.

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